Metatek Speaker Microphone RM10
USB Omnidirectional Speaker Microphone
Metatek RM10 Speaker

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Compact and portable

The compact and portable USB omnidirectional microphone has a small and unique shape, which can be easily packed into a pocket and carried around for easy travel.

Simple and easy to connect, plug and play

USB plug and play, connecting computers, tablets and video conference terminals, compatible with a variety of systems and software, suitable for daily applications such as video calling.

HD Call

Intelligent noise reduction, full sound quality, clear call, anti-jamming, high-fidelity, call conference and video conference at any time.360 ° Omnidirectional far-field pickup.

Sound pickup and comfortable communication

360-degree omnidirectional pickup, 6-meter pickup distance, standard 5-meter USB cable connection, no longer talking against conference equipment, allowing you to stand and stretch freely during long calls.

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